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🇬🇧 Vocal coaching is a type of instruction designed to help singers improve their vocal technique and performance.

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vocal coaching

It also helps singers improve their stage presence and learn how to use their voices to better express emotion. If you’re interested in starting singing, individual vocal coaching is a great way to get started.

It is a practice that has been around for centuries, and it is still used today by professional singers and those who just want to improve their singing. Vocal coaching helps singers learn how to use their vocal cords properly, how to control their volume and tone, how to sing with the right diction, and how to make their singing more expressive.

Origin of ‘coach’

The word «coach» comes from the 16th-century Hungarian word «kocsi,» which refers to a type of carriage used to transport people from one place to another. Over time, the word evolved to refer to the person who drove the carriage, and eventually came to be used in a metaphorical sense to describe someone who guides or trains others towards a specific goal.

In the context of vocal coaching, a coach is someone who helps singers to develop and improve their vocal technique, as well as their overall musicianship and performance skills. The coach works closely with the singer to identify areas where they need improvement, and then provides guidance and exercises to help them achieve their goals. The goal of vocal coaching is to help singers achieve their full potential and to become more confident performers.

How and where

You can find vocal coaches online, in-person, or even through private lessons. Before you start working with a vocal coach, make sure you know what your goals are and what you hope to achieve with your singing.

Voice Evaluation

When you’re working with a vocal coach, you’ll likely start with some vocal exercises and basic instruction and you might need to pass a vocal evaluation to make sure what you need.

This will help you learn how to control your voice, how to project it well, and how to shape it for different styles of singing. You’ll also learn about vocal health and how to take care of your voice. Once you have the basics down, you can begin to work on more advanced techniques.

This might include learning how to use your vocal range, how to add vibrato and other effects, and how to use your breath to power your singing. Your vocal coach will be able to work with you on all of these techniques and help you find the right approach for your voice.

Finally, your vocal coach will be able to give you advice on how to become a better singer. This might include working on your songwriting and performance skills, as well as getting feedback on your singing from audiences. With the help of a vocal coach, you can take your singing to the next level.

Complete your voice with most advanced singing method in Tenerife, Canary Islands

vocal coaching, vocal freedom

HiVocal® is a high performance vocal coaching center created especially for professional and amateur singers who wish to complete and improve certain areas of their voice or explore new sounds and styles when singing.

Powerful reasons for HiVocal® vocal coaching

We’re not a standard music school. We work all year round with professional and amateur singers so you can start at any time.

vocal coaching for female singers

Most current methods do not help to manage the enormous workload of a vocalist on stage: repertoire, lyrics, expression, sound, cueing, costumes, make-up, choreography… HiVocal® is a relief, never a stress.

You and just you training, learning new routines and exploring aspects of your voice that you probably didn’t know. Except in some choral trainings for duets and groups, you will always have the vocal coach 100% with you.

Professional singers talk

Mara Ferrandiz at tv show in La Sexta

Vocalists from more than 18 different countries have trained their voices with us. Together we have been able to face great challenges that have only been possible in the long term: eliminate tension, improve tuning or simply managing emotions properly on stage/studio.

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Voice and science come together

Neuroscience in vocal coaching

HiVocal® is the only vocal coaching system that unifies image learning, integration through physical sensations and the implementation of different scientific disciplines and you won’t need any previous musical theory training. The HiVocal® vocal coaching method is only taught in our centre in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain: The good weather and the strategic geographical situation between Europe and America mean that vocalists from both sides of the Atlantic find in HiVocal® an ideal location to train their voices and prepare themselves before their artistic appointments.

the crowd is vibrating with your music

A benchmark in the music industry

Some of our singers work with the following companies:

Sony Music Latin
Warner music group
Universal music Spain
Warner Chapell

HiVocal® in spanish media

trickon media site
Television canaria network
ABC digital media
El día digital newspaper
El Día local Tv station
vocal coaching is the key for singer's success

You don’t need previous music education

HiVocal® is not supported by any existing vocal training system, so you do not need to know to read a music score or any other conservatory technique or music school. But we ask for dedication and a minimum of quality in the execution of your voice when singing. Nevertheless, any previous musical knowledge will be very useful to you.

Seen on tv

We have prepared the performance of some of our singers for the following shows and television networks:

Got Talent España, the most famous talent show in the world
Tu cara no me suena todavía, impersonating talent show from Spain
Tú si que sí talent show from spain
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Improve your voice with the creator of HiVocal

Jesus Serrano vocal coaching specialist

Jesús Serrano, creator of HiVocal® method, is a passionate and enthusiastic vocal coach. The training sessions are intense but very enjoyable. Although he is disciplined with the fulfillment of objectives, he always celebrates and positively reinforces any achievement no matter how small they are. The only thing that will be difficult is not to have great advances in a short time.

He teaches in english or you can improve your spanish with him, it’s up to you. Singers from 16 different countries improved their voices with HiVocal.

…and many other singers from more than 18 different countries.

Start NOW!

Whichever type of training you choose, you can start at any time of the week and year (subject to availability), as you don’t need to wait to join a group of a similar level. Thus, your progress is even faster.

Get your Free voice evaluation NOW!

Find out what HiVocal® can do for your voice and your musical career with our vocal coaching method.

Please read carefully before requesting your evaluation:

  • We take it very seriously: if music isn’t your passion or if you’re a regular smoker, don’t try.
  • The evaluation will not last more than 25 minutes: Please arrive early enough to check in so that you can start on time. If you want to book a Premium voice evaluation, tell us.
  • Real information: Applications with false or incomplete data will be deleted upon receipt: at the bottom of this page you can read our data protection policy.
  • Please be on time: If you do not show up and do not give advance notice, you will not be able to request an evaluation until 90 calendar days after your request. Keep in mind that you occupy a space and time that could be used by another singer.
  • Changes: You can change the date and time of your evaluation up to 48 hours before the scheduled date so we’ll be happy to find another time for you to take the test.
  • It is not a casting: You will perform some simple exercises with the help of a piano where the trainer will be able to see the qualities of your voice, discard injuries or pathologies, detect if there is vocal tension and above all will let you know if vocal training is suitable for you. It is not a question of whether you are worth it or not, it is a question of seeing in which areas we should begin to work.


If you pass the evaluation, the trainer will tell you which training program is best for you and what its fare and frequency is. HiVocal® is not singing lessons and is worth a lot more than you pay for: It is the most advanced voice training program yet. We do not provide pricing via phone or instant messaging on social networks.

As soon as we have received your application, the vocal coach will call you personally to confirm your evaluation. Make sure you provide a contact phone number.

COVID-19 protocol

In the study we have all the hygienic and sanitary measures so that you can make your vocal evaluation with all the guarantees: You will not coincide with other people in the waiting room. Before or after each session or evaluation, all critical surfaces are cleaned. You will have a protective visor throughout the test. You will have hydroalcoholic gel at your disposal from the entrance. The studio is also disinfected with an ozone system.

If you agree with all terms, GO AHEAD!

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    PRIVACY POLICY: HiVocal® or Jesus Serrano will never share your personal data to third parties and they will never be used for purposes other than those which you expressly request. You can read our data protection policy here

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